Modus Therapeutics’s key shareholder is KDev Investments AB, which is owned by Karolinska Development AB (Nasdaq Stockholm: KDEV) and Rosetta Capital. Other shareholders are HealthCap, The Foundation for Baltic and European Studies (Östersjöstiftelsen), Ergomed and Praktikerinvest PE AB.

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KDev Investments AB

The major investor in Modus Therapeutics is KDev Investments AB, a company jointly owned by Karolinska Development AB and Rosetta Capital.


HealthCap is a family of venture capital funds investing globally in life sciences. With more than EUR 1 billion raised since the start in 1996, HealthCap is one of the largest specialized providers of venture capital within life sciences in Europe.


Founded in 1997, Ergomed plc is dedicated to the provision of specialised services to the pharmaceutical industry and the development of new drugs. Operating with a global footprint in over 55 countries, Ergomed enables clients to access solutions even for their toughest clinical development and trial management challenges from early phase to complex late stage programmes.

The Foundation for Baltic and European Studies (Östersjöstiftelsen)

The Foundation for Baltic and East European Studies (Östersjöstiftelsen, ÖSS) was founded by the Swedish Government in 1994. Its mission is to support research and doctoral studies, as well as the academic infrastructure at Södertörn University.

Praktikerinvest PE AB

Praktikerinvest is an investment company within the Praktikertjänst Group, Sweden’s biggest provider of private health and dental care, owned and run by dentists, doctors and other therapists.