Focused on restoring blood flow

Our focus is on clinical indications with microvascular obstructions aiming to restore the blood flow. Our lead candidate, sevuparin, has specifically been designed to restore blood flow with minimum effects on bleeding.

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Our R&D Pipeline

We are currently in clinical phase II with sevuparin for the treatment of the acute painful crisis in hospitalized Sickle-Cell Disease patients with intravenous infusion. We call this the Resolve program.

We also plan to start clinical trials with the aim to treat early symptoms of the painful crisis in Sickle-Cell Disease patients in an at-home setting with a subcutaneous injection is underway. This is called the Ease program.

Sevuparin will also be tested in preclinical models of other clinical indications where microvascular obstruction is the underlying cause.



We have designed this molecule to restore blood flow.

Sickle Cell Disease

An inherited disease with large unmet medical need.

Other Indications

With its anti-adhesive properties, sevuparin may be useful in several other clinical indications where microvascular obstructions are the problem. One example would be severe malaria.

Our Clinical Trials

Phase II study ongoing in Sickle Cell Disease.