Modus is a Swedish biotechnology company that is developing its proprietary polysaccharide sevuparin as a potential treatment for several major healthcare needs including sepsis/septic shock and other disorders with severe systemic inflammation such as severe malaria, as well as states of anemia, related to chronic inflammation such as kidney disease. There is a great need for new treatments that can effectively treat these conditions. Modus’ ambition is to create a paradigm shift in the care of these diseases, where sevuparin could provide therapeutic benefits.

Sevuparin, a heparinoid, has been designed to retain its inflammation modifying properties while causing significantly less blood-thinning. As a result, sevuparin can be dosed at significantly higher levels than other comparable heparinoids, allowing it to be used to treat multiple diseases that are caused by severe inflammation.

Thanks to its unique properties and a confirmed safety profile, sevuparin has the potential to greatly improve the treatment of sepsis/septic shock and other conditions with acute systemic inflammation for example severe trauma, burns, major surgery, and severe malaria. Furthermore, the properties of sevuparin could also address states of anemia that are related to chronic inflammatory diseases such as kidney disease.

Modus' largest owners are Karolinska Development (Nasdaq Stockholm: KDEV), KDev Investments AB, (jointly owned by Karolinska Development AB and Rosetta Capital) and John Öhd. The company has been listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market since July 2021.