Developing therapeutics to restore healthy blood flow for patients with debilitating diseases


Blood flow is normally taken for granted, but when restricted it is a critical issue in a diverse group of debilitating diseases. Modus Therapeutics is focused on developing safe therapeutics to restore blood flow and oxygen transport in diseases of high unmet medical need.

Clinical Trials

Enrollment of a Phase 2 trial of sevuparin sickle cell disease patients has been completed.

A Phase 1 study is recruiting healthy volunteer participants in Miami.

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Optimizing an endogenous substance to create a potent and safe biotherapeutic agent

Sevuparin Illustration

Our lead product candidate is derived from heparin, a molecule that is naturally present in the body. We have modified heparin to eliminate the dangerous bleeding side effect which limits its use in many patient populations. Preclinical studies confirm that the anti-adhesive and anti-inflammatory effects of heparin have been maintained in sevuparin while enabling its use in conditions and patients that need to avoid abnormal bleeding. Sevuparin has been safely dosed in over 100 patients with malaria or sickle cell disease.

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Genetic disease with a high unmet need

Sickle cell disease is an inherited condition which occurs when a child receives a mutated copy of the hemoglobin gene from both parents. These patients suffer from recurrent systemic vaso-occlusive crises that require intensive care and involve excruciating pain due to tissue hypoxia and inflammation. Patients are treated with intravenous fluids, opioid analgesia, oxygen and sometimes blood transfusion. Long-term, the vaso-occlusive activity leads to serious complications due to the repeated hypoxia/regeneration with organ failure, stroke and early death. There are prophylactic treatments, such as hydroxyurea, that decrease the risk of crises, but effects are limited and no treatment options specifically target vaso-occlusion or stop it in its tracks.

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